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Start your sustainability journey

We build tools to make data ESG and carbon tracking simple.

 Make a positive impact on the planet while ensuring long-term financial stability for your business with a strategic roadmap and AI-infused technology action. 

Track and boost data quality.

We give tools to follow, understand and act on your carbon emission to have a meaningful impact and define your carbon emissions reduction strategy. 

By quickly and efficiently locating emission hotspots and supporting organizations' respective digital transformation, we help them decarbonize, adapt to climate change, and restore biodiversity.

We make carbon emission reduction accessible to all.

We help you collect, manage and report carbone and ESG data to take corrective actions.

Through proactive engagement and transparent reporting, we improve sustainability performance. We help you set social and environmental performance targets, monitor KPI progress, make investment decisions that align with your ESG goals and strategy.

Get an overview to make sure you're 100% compliant with the mandatory metrics (CSRD, GHG Protocol, etc..).

Track progress in real-time.

Report. Act.

Good Metrics is an easy to use platform providing you emission dashboards, transparency data on ESG, and carbon methodologies to simplify the standard reporting process. You can visualize your compliance progress with real time views. We identify essential standards with the ability to deep-dive into data, down to the smallest granularity. 

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