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We can build a better tomorrow, today ! 

Our vision

We want to help you make real business decisions creating value for the planet and your company. 

Our history

Good Metrics was created in march 2023 as a start-up dedicated to carbon footprint calculation. With a team of engineers skilled in data management and passionate about technological and environmental innovation, our start-up quickly established itself as a player in the green tech market. 


We found our inspiration in the fusion of our shared passions for technology and the environment, enabling us to offer innovative and sustainable solutions for measuring and reducing our clients' carbon footprint. 


Together with our clients, we are proud to actively contribute to the transition towards a greener economy.


We dared to imagine a brighter tomorrow and vowed to help businesses track and act on their carbon.

Our belief is to improve businesses' data management and help them understand how to act on their carbon data with accessible and transformative technology. 

Our team

We’re a driven team of experts in carbon and data management who believe in creating tools and solutions to help companies and make the world better environment. We share years of experience managing data, building business softawre, and doing carbon reduction consultancy work for large companies.

We help businesses turn their sustainability goals into action whilst ensuring compliance with their long-term financial strategy using a combinaison of strategic partnerships and AI-infused technology. We quantify the value of initiatives on business KPIs and sustainability standards and deliver results in weeks, not months or years.

« The pursuit of net zero can only truly begin when an organization is able to monitor, track and report on its carbon footprint, energy transition goals and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

Together, we will make your data work for you! » 

Marion Bureau, Founder and CEO

They trust us

Discover our trusted partners who support our mission and share our commitment.

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