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Collect your data 

Streamline your data collection process.

We help you organize your data and make it more granular, accurate, and actionable. By ensuring emissions data quality, accuracy, and consistency, we can integrate it all to our solution to obtain an accurate carbon footprint assessment. Data is the fondation to a good start for your decarbonization journey.  transparent data for an accurate carbon footprint assessment. Data is the fondation to a good start for your decarbonization journey. 


 Measure your scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

Track your company’s carbon emissions.

We help you understand your emissions hotspots, and devise an action plan to transform and improve these scopes to reach your sustainability goals. We share data securely, and connect with your entire value chain to get the most accurate emission reduction scope all in a way that makes sense for your business.

Good Metrics simply the process to integrate the data from your supply chain and business investment.


Define smart and adaptable targets for your company based on your live and forecasted data.

We easily identify gaps with dashboards and reports to guide you to quickly adjust your reduction efforts. We help you build a plan with tasks to tackle your reduction. From large projects like switching energy suppliers, to smaller tasks like setting up a carpool initiative and specific action as well.

Set reduction targets and ESG Benchmark


Create a reduction strategy

Test the impact a specific activity will have on your footprint, and make informed decisions.

We engage your suppliers in your climate journey. We use surveys for efficient data gathering. We collect comprehensive emissions data, assess their impact and provide detailed reports to support companies in their drive to reduce their carbon footprint.


Report and monitor progress

Track your progress in real-time.

All your measurement data is automatically tied to your targets. So you can monitor how you’re doing in real time, and quickly adjust based on your incoming data.

We report on your progress with detailed dashboards and auditable reports to give you great insight into all your emission data. We tackle numerous challenges raised by the need for businesses to take action today in order to transform themselves for a low-carbon economy of the future.


Compliance with ESG 

regulations and standards

Accelerate your corporate climate and ESG strategies with Good Metrics innovative technology.

CSRD reporting becomes easy. We help you collect, manage and report key ESG data to comply with key ESG regulations and standards, including the GHG Protocol, CSRD and SFDR. We obtain the information needed for your company management reports.

We help companies to integrate sustainable performance into the heart of their business models at a time of climate crisis.

Steps to create a low-carbon strategy

using the platform

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